1. What are you doing uncritically linking to that, man? He started off by saying how much private jet flying, heated swimming pool owner Al Gore had done for the atmosphere. He argued that energy efficient outboard motors are “like what Nissan’s done with Hybrid cars” (which have higher emissions than cars with small engines). He argues for technological solutions while addressing activists; he has done a great service to the government that have awarded him by making people believe that humanity can survive without overcoming governments.

  2. Living in Australia, we hear a lot of Tim Flannery. He used to be head of the South Australian Museum before he became very famous. Despite what Roger says, he talks a lot of sense and demystifies a very complex subject for many people. I always thought it was the ultimate irony that the ultimate in climate change deniers, John Winston Howard named him Australian of the Year. His unbending denial of the impact of climate change was one of the very issues that undid his cleverly constructed political dynasty.

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