Well, I don’t know about you but that is me convinced…HALLELUJAH – I am a new man..

Vodpod videos no longer available.

thanks to nadia and aaron

Seriously though, regular readers will know I am not the religious type but I know many people who are that still believe that evolution is the simply the method that god used (is using).

Personally I don’t but I think little cartoons like this one, which is obviously designed to warp the mind of a child, are pernicious and odious.


  1. brought to you by “God Tube” … says it all really!

    Although very amusing and my 4 yr old has just asked me “why is that thing that you were watching is pe-pet-u-waiting a lie?”, ah, god love him 😆

  2. i have not and may never go screw with them over there, but if i do, let’s just say there will be a brownout on the west coast. when you go into an area devoid of logic and bring total logic in like a flashlight, ignorance scatters and runs for the cracks like cockroaches.

    you did indeed have a fish.

  3. Thanks for the Link,

    Not Particularly odious either,
    but this video is another hilarious attack..only with a Freudian twist.

    (the ‘Atheist nightmare: Banana’ video)

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