Most TV is non-stop puerility. Most people understand that.

However, something that has been really sticking in my throat of late is how TV people and marketing departments seem to take either horrible or serious concepts and trivialise them so as to take any meaning the concept had away.


1 – ‘Room 101’. Orwells room 101 was the worst place in the world. In short, it is the place where people are forced to face up to the one thing that psychologically can’t cope with. In the book for some people it was rats, for other people castration and so on.

This terrifying concept was changed to a show where celebrities came on and explained niggardly things that vaguely upset them.

2 – ‘Big Brother’. Orwells idea about an all-seeing, ever-present, brutal and totalitarian patriarch has been translated into a show that attention-seeking twats go on in order to make a name for themselves. What is disgusting about this is that the concept of big brother, like room 101, is horrendous. It was meant as a warning. It has now become a byword for banal and shallow nonsense. Most people in this country if you asked them what big brother was would say a TV show. That makes me sick.

The concept of total surveillance and totalitarian domination has been turned into a TV event that thousands of people actually APPLY for. That makes me even more sick.
3. Downsize Me – Downsizing means nothing other than making people redundant.

Making people redundant breaks up homes and families. People get evicted, children have less opportunities etc.

Downsize me has now become a plea for TV experts to come in and help you lose weight.

There are hundreds more examples but I would have to go channel hopping to get them and it would just depress me.

Any of you have more examples?

TV takes the life out of life.



  1. Where are all these TV producers and executives with the love for allusions to Orwell? Apparently they took nothing away from the text. But your right, it does dilute the original ideas.

    Also, I think it has added consumerism. Even counter-cultures like Emo are huge consumers. They just gotta have that wallet with an anarchist sign on it.

  2. That is REALLY an interesting observation especially when 1984 said that black would be white. I am not blowing smoke up your ass as they say, but you really are pretty smart.

  3. aaron – i actually did see a designer tshirt for about £35 pounds with the anarchist logo on it. apparently it was one of their bestsellers

    philip – when i can afford it!

    FS – thank you

    rev – true

  4. But, damn it, that was marketing. When exposed to marketing, you’re supposed to conceive an overwhlming, all-encompassing need for the product whether you can afford it or not. Get with the programme, for goodness’ sake.

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