When the Columbia University president embarassed himself during the Ahmadinejad business I kept wondering why I had heard his name before.

It wasn’t the name of the champagne, it was this business…

Also, here is two minutes of good sense from Scott Ritter…


  1. Hard-hitting and totally straight-up. Thanks for the link.
    Respectful shouts out to the young Hispanic woman who destroyed the cowardly minuteman/clanleader racist #$$@!. It is about time we confroted those who under cover of chaos and turmoil unleash racial hatred to scapegoat innocents who have been impacted by American imperialistic policies. Seems t is our youth who are begining to see through the false flag waving, hype and decietful propaganda attempting to rally the innocent , the naieve or the subservient to kill for corporate profit. Real education means seeing thru this type of bullshit and then standing up for real justice and democracy.

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