Thanks Ann over at Reclaiming Space for the video at the bottom.
It is no surprise that Fox ‘News’ is banging the drum for war again.

If you haven’t seen it before then I should recommend the film ‘Outfoxed: Rupert Murdochs War on Journalism‘ to you. My review of it is also online.

In the meantime here is an excellent and recently done thing showing exactly the same rhetoric being used on everyones favourite ‘News’ channel.

Finally, just another reminder about the new blog I am doing with some other bloggers.

Check it out at EXIT STAGE RIGHT

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  1. I watched the OutFoxed movie. Great. I am so glad I found your blog to direct me to such interesting things. I thought this quote was appropriate:
    “And most of the evils of society can, in fact, be cured through information. We have a society that has been disinformed and based on the disinformation has made irrational choices. And that’s what I mean by “ignorance.” People, who ordinarily might be smart, are deprived of the data by which to make a rational decision, don’t have the data to do it.”
    ~~ Frank Zappa to interviewer Bob Marshall

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