I am listening to Blair’s last Prime Minister’s Questions and most of the MPs

are falling over themselves to congratulate him.

iraq-children.jpgLet’s not forget that according to the UN the waging of an aggressive war is “essentially an evil thing…to initiate a war of aggression…is not only an international crime; it is the supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole.”

Spanish Judge Calls for Architects of Iraq Invasion
to be Tried for War Crimes

The Courts Are Starting To Accept That the War
against Iraq Is A Crime

A War Crime Within a War Crime Within a War Crime

Iraq war illegal, says Annan



  1. Beheading, beating, torture, and rape in the name of religon is not? Suicide bombers don’t count as crimes against humanity? Be nice and give them what they want, they just want it all.

  2. First, and, foremost, what the hell does that mean? And how does committing horrific vile acts of war crimes against humanity and civilians or anyone make us any better? Oh, I guess that as long as we commit acts of terroism and brutal acts of evil in the name of “war” and in the name of a democratic government called “America” that is suppose to represent for all the world the hope and promise someday of peace, freedom, liberty, justice, and democracy. Sure!!!!!
    I guess after we kill all the little babies, children, unarmed women, and men, then we can brag about being a great democratic nation and talk peace to the world about how that they should conduct themselves when fighting in wars, and should conduct themselves in their government in their countries, and in their conduct on and off the battlefield. wow!!!! Just makes me feel all warm and oozy inside as I look at the American flag and remember these acts that we commit across the world. Weird!!! Because if we loose all decency, and act like a bunch of barbarians, then who are we to talk about the acts of other barbarians??? Pisses me the hell off because our country is a great country and people who do things like this do not understand how they desecrated our nation and made a mockery, a laughing stock, and a disgrace of us around the world. I can not even believe that here, now, in this century, that America has done now more horrible things than that they have accused others.

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