So, Alex Salmond becomes our first pro-independence First Minister. He was voted in 49 to 46 and the libdems and Tories abstained.


That breaks down as 47 Scottish National Party (SNP) Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) voting for him and the two green MSPs. The 46 labour MSPs voted against him. 16 Libdems and 17 tories did not vote at all.

What will be the practical upshot of all this with regards Scottish Independence?

Before I start, let me state that I AM a supporter of Scottish independence but I AM NOT a supporter of the SNP (or any other party for that matter).

Well in the first instance it means bollocks to you Jack McConnell, good riddance.


What is Salmond like? Well, I met him once, very briefly at the Make Poverty History march in Edinburgh and he was happy to walk round with us until he found out we had opinions a great deal to the left of him at which point he made his excuses and scarpered.

He is a very good debater. That doesn’t mean he is correct, it just means he is good at arguing.

He is also a very clever politician. I have seen him one night addressing a group of radicals at anti-war meetings and then two days later speaking in a white tie affair to groups of major businesspeople. A slippery customer, in fact, a politician.

His election does not mean independence is just around the corner. Certain forces will fight tooth and nail to keep Scotland in the Disunited Kingdom (at least until the oil runs out). The viciousness of the campaign and the scaremongering in the supposedly Scottish media are proof enough of this. And without a 50% majority and the possibility of a running a minority government then, for the moment at least, it looks like the unionists might have their way.

The plans for a referendum on Scottish Independence will have to be fought for. The Unionist parties are not going to let that come to fruition without a fight.

It is a step in the right direction for Scotland, not because it is Salmond, not because its the SNP but for these reasons…

1. it is a pro-independence party, and this despite the deluge of vicious propaganda we face every day telling us we should not be independent

2. it is not labour

3. it is not labour (such a big point it was worth mentioning twice)

4. it is an anti-war party (at least in terms of Iraq)

Finally, for international readers I would hate for you to get confused between the Scottish National Party (SNP) and the British National Party (BNP).

The Scottish National Party on domestic policies are not particularly radical (though they may be marginally to the left of new labour and old tory) and they could still be termed a pro-business party. In their party they have a wide variety of ethnicities and they are an inclusive party in this respect.They believe in Scottish Independence.

The British National Party (BNP) are a bigoted group of far-right thugs that believe in making foreigners leave the UK, are sort of Britains equivalent of the KKK and have nothing to do with the SNP.




  1. i am very glad about that too. particularly since labour always do very well in scotland

  2. The BNP are the only group that are addressing the flood of foreigners that continue to pour into this country.Our schools, hospitals and housing are in a shambles. I used to be proud that im british but no more because any Tom, Dick and mohammed can get a british passport now. Great Britain, lmao it was. God Bless the BNP

  3. i am not going to delete that comment but by god i feel i should.

    everyone on these islands is an immigrant of some sort and if you want to go far enough back everyone is african.

  4. Every time someone posts a view that is not to your liking you keep threatening to delete their comments.
    You fail to miss the point about democracy. I detest communists and fascists with equal verbosity, but would I deny them the right to speak their mind – let alone threaten to delete their views? The answer is `no`.
    So stop commenting like a `plonker`, and add something to their comments that challenges constructively. If not, remove your `blog` and keep your own views to yourself. Oh, but you may want to delete my post too!

  5. I personally am a Salmond supporter, however your blog made interesting reading material. The BNP are a disgrace and should be forced to liquidate.

  6. the kkk are resposible for hundreds of deaths. the bnp are not. An independant scotland fantasy would be a joke in this cred crunch anyhoo.

  7. just because you dont agree with the policies of a political party gives you no right to call for its liquidation or compare it to things that are nothing like it. Do some research or read a up to date manifesto.

  8. michaelgreenwell, You talk so much Rubbish!!. you’ve dreamed up that the British National Party are ANYTHING like the KKK is stupidity. BNP speak for most of the down to earth british. this topic is bang out of order. such folce posts

  9. Dan, i cant agree more with you.
    Quote ” The British National Party (BNP) are a bigoted group of far-right thugs that believe in making foreigners leave the UK, ARE SORT OF BRITAIN’S EQUIVALENT OF THE KKK ”

    Can you believe he’s even thinking of such crap.. i support Bnp, im 17 white british, lving in Nottingham. and most of the violance here is because of so many differnt religions… its to many. 😛

    And before you go posting something stupid again michael in reply to this post, Remember.. Its my VIEW. and i have a RIGHT to it. but saying KKK is mostly Bnp members is silly my friend.

  10. most of the violance here is because of so many differnt religions… its to many

    What number of religions is acceptable, then? If people have different religions, is that not their VIEW, to which they have a RIGHT?

    saying KKK is mostly Bnp members is silly

    Which may be why he didn’t say it. “Sort of Britain’s equivalent” means that the two are comparable, not synonymous.

  11. hello and thank you philip. I didn’t want to be the one who made that point.

    one thing i read about the bnp is that they believe that ireland should be brought into the UK again.

    Just how do they intend to achieve this? Have they taken polls and found a huge groundswell of opinion in favour of this?

  12. It’s always fun when trolls visit a blog, display the interpersonal skills of a sociopath, and then use “democracy” or “freedom of speech” to defend themselves.

  13. I had the privilege of receiving a BNP pamphlet at the recent London elections. I can’t be certain, but it looks as if they intend to achieve their aims by taking the country back to some time before 1950 (or possibly before 1920 for the Irish thing).

  14. To those people who say that the BNP is nothing like the KKK how about you ask yourself why then leader went to a KKK rally and sat next to David Duke a prominent member of the KKK and stated that he shared their goals.

    The BNP are nothing more than an ENGLISH supremacist party who want to get rid of the Scottish, Welsh, and N.Irish governments.

  15. Why do people think this country is in the state that it’s in?

    one word for you ladies and gentleman-labour!!!!

    mr blair and mr brown opened the floodgates when the likes of the poland and romania joined the eu.

    and now the country is full!!!!!

    the BNP are not facists, racists and cannot be compared to the KKK. the KKK are open that they hate black people and also the white people who support the black movements in the US. All Mr griffin is trying to get back in this country is the integrity and identity the UK so needs.

    So if us BNP supporters are all the names that you call us, then these insults should be aimed at the french aswell, these guys do not like immigrants at all!!! they pass them all on to us as we give out freebies to everyone who enters this country.

    due to our ‘generosity’, this then thins our the money spent out on our country especially things like the NHS, nurses wages, fireman’s wages, police person’s wages, dental care, and proper fighting equipment for our troops.

    i’ll leave it there, because we are no longer entitled to freedom of speach due to this political correctness rubbish!!!

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