The Scottish Independence Podcast 98 – Blair Jenkins

jenkFor the third Scottish Independence Podcast interview after the referendum, I spoke with Chief Executive of the Yes Scotland campaign, Blair Jenkins.

We talked about the things he felt went well in the campaign and those that didn’t go so well on the Yes side.

The role of the media in the referendum process was, and still is, a major talking point and I asked Blair how he felt they had behaved.

I also asked him how he felt about the No campaign and some of their more debatable methods.

Finally, I asked him where he thinks the Yes movement is going to now.

Hope you enjoy

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That Hypocrisy Meter Again…

hypocrisy_meter__a_graphic_for_facebook_and_forums_by_askgriff-d5myy33Don’t you just love Westminster.

BBC had the story in the image below up today.

The MP in question is Damian Collins (that isn’t him in the photo, that’s Chuck Blazer).

You might be interested in this article about Collins in the Independent. It’s about MPs who own homes in London yet still claim rent.


MP FraudThose two links in conjunction makes me wonder about the other thing we learned about Westminster today, which is bB1eXGHyIQAAQ03Aasically that they are destroying expenses records to make sure no one can look into them and some other MPs felt fit to comment on it.

I can think of another one who has had some serious questions about his expenses over the years, but given his current position of running for what no one has even tried to make an important post yet, I’m not sure any journalists will bother to bring it up.

For A’ That 46 – From Bottom To Top

House Of Lords QuoteAfter a break the For A’ That podcast is back.

Andrew and I were joined for the first post-referendum episode by Gillian Martin and Doug Daniel.

Up for discussion were what is becoming known as “The Surge”, the prospects of the often mentioned Yes Alliance, new leaders and deputy leaders for the SNP and Scottish Labour, how much we all love Jim Murphy, the umpteenth promise of House of Lords reform and what (possibly) someone else buys when they go to the shops for Ed Miliband.

I also had a couple of choice words about Dick Cheney.

Hope you enjoy…

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For Those Remaining Few Of You…

I had never seen this before.

If you were one of those people that thought, or still thinks, that Obama was a beacon, a ray of progressive hope and so on, this might just kill off that nonsense for you.

Obama gives the orders for drone attacks to happen. They also openly admt that they kill innocent people and even more, it’s quite clear they just fire first and then don’t worry about it later.

Here is how seriously he seems to take that…