Union Dividends 26

Another in the Union Dividends series and this time it is a little thing, a very little thing. However, this little thing is symptomatic of a much bigger thing.


I don’t care much for either of the sports involved here but if I were the director of the Commonwealth Games TV programme, it would make perfect sense to cut to the England Hockey prelims, there are much more people in England likely to watch it than would watch Scotland winning the bowls. It’s all about the ratings.

That’s exactly the same situation in Government too. It makes much more sense for a UK govt to look after England and not worry about the rest, who will inevitably be neglected (see the example picture below).

Why stay in such a Union of Unequals?

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The Scottish Independence Podcast 85 – Out & About 3

BtnO8S0CcAAj2DyThere are so many Independence and Yes events going on around the country now that it is very hard to keep track of them. MP3s and youtube videos are going up all the time.

The 85th episode of the Scottish Independence Podcast is the third in a series of podcasts under the title Out & About featuring some of the best ones to give you the chance to hear them without searching too far.

Each one will have different speakers, from independent independents, people in the different parties, people in the groups you find at these events and, well, people who’ve had something excellent to say on the matter.

In this third episode the contributions again come from a wide variety of sources.

The first is writer and actor Julia Taudevin and is something a bit different from the majority of indyref material you’re likely to listen to.

The second is Tommy Sheppard, who isn’t just a labour supporter who is now supporting a Yes vote, he is someone who was very high up in the party.

The third is Patrick Harvie, leader of the Scottish Greens, who has been consistently great all the way through the debate.

Last up is Carolyn Leckie explaining the importance of getting a Yes vote by women in Scotland, and the importance of a Yes vote for women

Hope You Enjoy, and tell your friends, family and assorted quadrupeds…

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Subtle, And Not So Subtle

I suppose people working for a Yes vote have got other things to be getting on with right now.

But this “team effort” from Radio 3 called Bannockburn Begins has a fair bit of a unionist tone to it. Whether that was done deliberately or unconsciously I couldn’t say.

If I was being harsh I’d say there was some subtle and not so subtle propaganda in there too.

Have a listen for yourself, and if you’ve got the time maybe you could do the breakdown of it, I’m a bit busy.


Needs To Be Said But Goes Without Saying

Here is a great little video from Business for Scotland.

What they say in it often goes unreported. Furthermore, what goes without saying is that it is what you do with that extra wealth that counts. And what the UK does with wealth that it doesn’t have (Iraq, Trident etc) is not any good reason to stay in the Union…

ScotIndyBook 3 – Toxic – Chapters 4 & 5

final_small_Toxic_cover_for_webThe ScotIndyBook series features audio book versions, full books or selected pieces, fiction and non-fiction, of some of the books being written about the independence referendum, or using it as a theme.

All the books in this series have been given by the kind permissions of their authors.

It’s time for parts four and five of Mark Frankland‘s Indyref thriller Toxic (part 1 here,  2 and 3 here).

It is also read here by the author.

Hope you enjoy..

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