The Pope Is A Catholic And The Queen Is A…

I think this might be the story some people are referring to at the moment.

Here’s Her Royal Neutralness not saying anything directly but the palace propagandists saying a whole lot…

In case you can’t be bothered reading the thing (I usually feel that way about the Sunday Times), the main part would be

a senior royal source said: “The queen is a unionist”.


Queen Is A  Unionist

The Scottish Independence Podcast 98 – Blair Jenkins

jenkFor the third Scottish Independence Podcast interview after the referendum, I spoke with Chief Executive of the Yes Scotland campaign, Blair Jenkins.

We talked about the things he felt went well in the campaign and those that didn’t go so well on the Yes side.

The role of the media in the referendum process was, and still is, a major talking point and I asked Blair how he felt they had behaved.

I also asked him how he felt about the No campaign and some of their more debatable methods.

Finally, I asked him where he thinks the Yes movement is going to now.

Hope you enjoy

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